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Product sourcing.

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Sourcing specialists

Sourcing specialist for over 5 years, World Export Thailand ensure you the best rates for your import operations. Our large suppliers network within Thailand and Asia in general allow us to support you for all your international trade.

As we like to make it simple for you, we take care of the operations from the supplier selection according to your expectations, the negociation of the prices, to the shipping of the goods at your location. You save time, energy and money

We are fast, flexible and ensure you the bests rates.

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Save money.

Our knowledge of the business, area and culture allow us to get you the best prices.
Our network covers all products from the clothes to the spicies, electronic products and much more.
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Save time.

Business is all about running after the clock and we both know it. Your time is precious, your time is money and you don't want to loose it.
Our company is located in Bangkok, in the heart of Thailand.
We provide you clear and quick solutions so you can manage your business fast too.
We care about your time!

Get precious advices.

Our experience and position give us the ability to provide good solutions and advices.
After years in this field we have experienced and been trough all kinds of situations.
Whatever your situation or question is, if it's about sourcing, we have the answer!

All in one.

We got your back until the end of the process so all is simple!

We know the sourcing process and prices in its whole and we take care of all for you.

From the selection of the best supplier to the quotations of the logistic operations by the best companies around.

Because good business should always be that easy.